A Wide Calf Boot and Skinny Jeans

By Gabrielle Callan

July 23, 2013

wide calf boot One of the most classic style pairings is skinny jeans and a wide calf boot. There are so many different styles of boots that for this article I am sticking with the mid-calf to tall boot. These two styles look great with jeans.

Jeggings and a Wide Calf Boot

An interesting combination these days is to pair a super comfortable jegging with a tall boot. Jeggings are similar to tights as they are very soft, comfortable and stretchy. The main difference is that they are made to look like jeans. They have a denim look to the fabric and usually a similar stitching along the sides and jean-type pockets on the rear. They fit skin tight and look great in boots.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans and boots are a wonderful look. Be sure you wear skinny jeans and not regular jeans. It will be difficult to stuff jean legs down into a tall boot and usually throughout the day the jean fabric will begin to bunch up at the top of the boot if you have excess fabric. Skinny jeans will stay tight around your ankle allowing the jean to look taut all day long.

What to Style the Jeans With

You can go with many different looks when you pair jeans and boots. A slouchy sweater and wool pea coat is a chic yet casual look. A long man’s shirt belted at the waist is always unexpected and fun. Go with a vintage concert t-shirt and leather jacket for a rocker look. A frilly blouse and belted raincoat is cute. A super casual look is an over sized scoop neck shirt and some big hoop earrings. You can always go with all black and accent your pieces with a bright stylish scarf. Whatever you choose remember that with a little tweaking you can be casual, chic, edgy, natural or trendy. With jeans and a wide calf boot the sky’s the limit.

For more styling tips you should check out this YouTube video from e-how.

photo credit: Kirsten Hartsoch via photopin cc

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